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Higginsons Top Tips for Barbecuing

Like many butchers, we favour a traditional charcoal barbecue for the wonderful smoky flavours that you get, but you can also cook fantastic food with a gas, electric, wood fired or a simple portable barbecue.

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Certain ingredients lend themselves to barbecue cooking but quality, local produce is always a good start. Sausages and burgers with their higher fat content give that tasty charred crust and juicy, tender inside. A brisket of beef or pork shoulder are fabulous when barbecued low and slow, keeping the meat beautifully moist. Beer Can Chicken (a whole chicken placed upright onto a can of beer or cider and cooked) is a real BBQ centrepiece and great fun to try with the family.

Marinating your meat is an easy way to add some instant flavour and is perfect for livening up some chicken wings or pork ribs. Barbecue pro’s could also add woodchips to charcoal for a bit of extra flavour; cherry or applewood chips add a lovely sweetness to most meats. 

Griddled veggies such as corn on the cob are a great accompaniment. Sweet potatoes are a family favourite of ours, roasted in their skins with a little oil and salt.

Here are our top tips to help you create some Barbecue magic:

  • Start with some good quality, locally sourced meat  

  • A temperature probe is a good investment for Barbecue novices, to enable you to check that meat is cooked through.                                                                                                        

  • For coal or wood-fired Barbecues, make sure you light them well in advance of cooking. Flames should have died down and your logs or coals should be glowing. Coals will go white when they are ready for cooking on. 

  • Remember to wash your hands and all utensils beforehand and have a bowl of warm soapy water next to your BBQ to wash utensils in between cooking.

  • Keep raw and cooked meat separate, using separate utensils and plates.

  • Bring meat to room temperature before cooking but if you’re marinating meat, keep it chilled until you’re ready to cook. Don’t forget to make a little extra marinade and keep it separate for basting or dipping later.

  • If your food is ready at different times, keep cooked food warm on a pre-warmed plate under some kitchen foil.

Tuesday 26th of May 2020

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