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Simple Roasted Christmas Turkey with Lemon, Sage & Parsley Forcemeat

Recipe from: Higginsons Family

Simple Roasted Christmas Turkey with Lemon, Sage & Parsley ForcemeatIngredients

1 x traditional Copas Bronze Turkey (min. quantity 0.5 kg per person)
Pack of Higginsons Chef-made Lemon, Sage & Parsley Forcemeat
1x large Onion
1 x Lemon



Pre-heat the oven to the starting temperature of 230°c/ Gas Mark 8.

Place your turkey, breast side down in a large roasting tin (cooking breast side down until the last 30-45 mins keeps the breast meat lovely and succulent whilst the brown meat cooks evenly). If you do this there is no need to use butter or bacon to cover your turkey.

Quarter a peeled onion and half a lemon, and place them into the body cavity of the turkey. Take the forcemeat and fill the neck cavity completely, then recalculate the total cooking time to include the weight of your forcemeat.

Place the turkey into the oven and cook at the starting temperature for 30 minutes (or for the first hour if the bird is over 5kg), and then lower the oven to the roasting temperature of 190°C /Gas Mark 5 for the rest of the cooking time. Total cooking time is normally approximately 30-35 minutes per kg. Approximately half an hour before the full cooking time is reached, remove the foil and turn the bird over so the breast bronzes. 


To ensure a perfectly cooked Turkey, use a pop-up timer. Insert the timer in the middle of one of the breasts (without it touching any bone).

Sprinkle your turkey with salt & pepper and cover it with foil until ready to serve.

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